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Original Taste Fresh Kampung Salt Baked Chicken

Our original flavour is one of our best sellers as we maintained the 80+ years old original recipe and marinated it with dang gui and baked with care.It tastes its originality from the essence of the chicken.Its delicious and yummy, juiciness and tender.


Mala Taste Fresh Kampung Salt Baked Chicken

Our mala flavour is the first in singapore; we marinated it especially with the fresh kampung salt baked chicken to make it mouth-watering.It is a spicy and numbing seasoning made from peppercorn and chili.


Raw Honey Taste Fresh Kampung Salt Baked Chicken

We are here to properly introduce you to our raw honey flavour. We recommend you to try it out because if you already eaten our original taste, you would even love our honey taste.

Ginger Taste Fresh Kampung Salt Baked Chicken

Another one of our best seller ginger flavors is very popular among the ladies during confinement/pregnancy.The ginger chicken is popular as it is suitable for expelling wind, helping blood circulation, and is ideal for body recuperation.


Ginseng Taste Fresh Kampung Salt Baked Chicken

Our fresh kampung salt baked chicken baked on the stove for 2hrs with care gives the excellent taste of the ginseng marination that goes well with the chicken essence.A combination for a perfect aromatic smell and yummy taste.


Ginger-Ginseng Taste Fresh Kampung Salt Baked Chicken

It is slightly expensive, combining the ginger with a good source of vitamins and minerals with ginseng's increased energy level is perfect when eating tender meat, which most believe is good for health and especially important for the age.


Whole Leg Bento - Original Flavour

The moment you guys been waiting for! here's our bento sets, in original flavour ready for you to consume together with your loved ones.


Flavoured Rice

The flavor salt-baked rice is mixed in some fresh herbs, like dang gui to give a favorable taste to go best with the kampung salt-baked chicken.At the same time, add in ginger and garlic for the fragrance and flavor for the satisfaction of the customer.