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SINGAPORE First Halal Fresh Kampung Salt Baked Chicken!

Salt and Bake @ MillageSalt and Bake @ Hougang Mall

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Serving only halal fresh kampung chicken,with an 80+ years old traditional recipe.‎

Popular Dishes


Popular Dishes

Singapore First Halal Mala & Ginger Fresh Kampung Salt Baked Chicken

You get to enjoy a chicken marinated and wrapped in special paper, covered with sea salt, and then baked for long hours to perfection.

Ready to eat cooked, every bite is MoistJuicy and Tasty


5 Reasons WHY You Need To Buy Our Salt-Baked Chicken

Singapore first halal Salt Baked Chicken

We are proud of it!


80 years+ Traditional Recipes

(Still Maintained!)


Oh, It’s FRESH! Kampung Chicken

Fresh Kampung Chicken has a yellowish skin color as compared to commercial chicken.


Great sense of texture & flavor

Customized Stove to provide the best texture & flavor when baked


Marinated & Wrapped Perfectly

Special paper covered with sea salt and baked with care.


100% Muslim Owned

Don’t worry we are not salty!
If you happen to meet us at the restaurant or on the road, don’t hesitate to say “Hi” ‎ ‎Our customers are in love with our salt baked chicken.

“We are proud and happy to share the delight and joy when we first tried our fresh salt-baked kampung chicken with you”


We aren't salty, but we are proud of our chicken!

Annie Ng
Annie Ng
Bought 4xSalted chicken for CNY. Happy to see all my guests enjoyed it. Yummy. Will order again.
Aku Bukan Bang Toyib
Aku Bukan Bang Toyib
Was recommended by my brother and decided to give it a try. Bought the original and Mala flavour and it is superb! Chicken meat is tender and juicy! Would definitely buy again in the near future.
L Poh
L Poh
super yummy! bought it for company's Christmas party and it was the first item that finished!! :)
Rachel .L
Rachel .L
Really nice!!!
Juxeski Scolowski
Juxeski Scolowski
Delicious, tender and juicy chicken. It was really delicious and hearty. Seller also went extra mile to call and ask estimated time we will be coming to heat up the chicken we ordered :) stellar service
Ismalina Ismail
Ismalina Ismail
The original taste salt baked chicken was very good- good size, well-marinated, tender and juicy :)
Ling Tan
Ling Tan
Delicious salt-baked chicken. I have not enjoyed such good salt-baked chooks since decades ago, during my childhood where by dad always drive me to buy from the old 香记盐鸡 & Chakey. Salt-N-Bake Kampong chicken was lean, yet moist & tender, whereby I whack even the skin without the guilt. Super fresh chooks. Love it.
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9 out of 10 Positive Feedback from our customers

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Frequently asked questions

Here are a few of the frequently asked questions. To provide you with the best customer experience, your feedback is greatly encouraged. If you have any questions please send us an email at [email protected].

Selecting between Hot or cold?

????  HOT = Ready To Eat, Right Away Fresh!
❄️  CHILLEDRecommended if you are not eating right away! Usually serve to eat at a later time of not more than 1 hour.

* To reheat consume within 3 days!!

The wrapped paper is bloated while reheating, so What should I do?

Not to worry, don’t panic. It is normal during heating up because of the particular special paper. So it is safe; leave it till the heating timer to complete. It’s mouth-watering Salt Baked Chicken, though.

How to keep the Salt Bake Chicken last longer?

 You can keep the Salt Bake Chicken last longer as follows :

– To keep the wrapped chicken in a Chiller and can best keep up to 3-5 days before consume. However, after 3 days the essence of the Chicken will be slightly more saltish but is healthy to eat it.

<>- Please read reheat Instructions to put in microwave/oven or steamer (appx 6-10mins) before consume.

The best way to eat this Kampung Salt Baked Chicken?

Before Eating :
Kindly follow the Reheat Instructions to place the Chicken in Microwave/Oven or Steamer between 6-10 mins to maintain its Moisture, Juiciness, Tender, and ready to Eat.

How long can the Kampung Salt Baked Chicken be stored?

It is served either Chilled Or Hot. To keep the Salt-Baked Chicken lasting longer, please do as follows :

– Keep the wrapped Chicken in a Chiller; this will allow you to keep/store up to 3-5 days before consuming. Do take note after three days of storage, the essence of the Chicken will be salty, but not to worry as it will still maintain the flavor and is friendly to eat when it is Hot.

– Please be reminded to follow the reheat instructions:
Put the Kampung Salt Baked Chicken in microwave/oven or steamer (between 6-10mins) before Eating it. This way, it can still maintain the Moist, Juicy, and Tender. Enjoy!!

Fresh Kampung Salt Baked Chicken, means it is salty? Is it healthy?

We have heard older folks talking about Kampung Chickens being healthy to eat.

Yes, Kampung Chickens are free-range chickens, healthier, and have fewer fats. The benefits are always on the meat and have a sweeter taste, and the chicken parts, breast, upper/lower thigh, and wings have different protein and fats content.

Try out our chicken!

You will love it! Give us a chance! Do you have any questions? Contact us or read our frequently asked questions

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