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All orders will be available 90 days in advance.

You can choose to pre-order

Why should i pay delivery upon pre-ordering?

  • Paying in advance for pre-order is to ensure your orders is delivered within time range. Your orders will always be delivered to your doorstep.
  • You can NOW Self Collect on our Booth(we will mention on the homepage) or at Vision Exchange, Jurong, from Friday to Sunday

Delivery Terms & Conditions

1. Delivery will be from Monday to Sunday 11.00am – 7.30pm.
You will receive an SMS/CALL prior to delivery.

2. Our Daily Delivery Slots(*subject to traffic):

  • Lunch Slot: 11.00am – 2pm
  • Dinner Slot: 4.30pm – 7.30pm

3. All Orders will be One Day in Advance.

4. Strictly no cancellation of orders once confirmed.

5. Delivery Cut off time will be at 7.30pm.

Try out our chicken!

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