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Every bite is moist, juicy, and tasty.

Salt-N-Bake is proud to introduce fresh kampung salt-baked chicken to Singapore. Our vision is to grow our brand into a household name that serves delicious and addictive kampung salt-baked chicken.

We introduced the halal version, and our mission is to maintain the traditional 80-year-old secret recipe to expand our wings in Asia. ‎We serve you Fresh Kampung Chicken that is ready to eat baked with a traditional recipe at its best!

Our Story

Watch our story on National TV:

The idea for Salt-N-Bake came about when one of our founders went to Perak, Malaysia, and tried the famous salt-baked chicken for the first time. It was so delicious (shiok) that he got addicted to it.

Still, when he wanted to get his fix here in Singapore, he was utterly disappointed – he could not find a satisfying halal version anywhere.

Since being involved with Singapore Top Heritage Food, we explored the few available options; it did not taste right as we couldn’t find the actual.

Eventually, we thought – let’s be the change we want to see in the world and be the ones to introduce salt-baked chicken – as delicious and addictive as we first tried it – to Singapore. So, we sought out one of the recipe owners and developed a halal version that is just as delicious as we remembered it and to maintain the traditional 80 yrs old recipe.

Bringing the tasty dish here was only the first challenge.
As it turns out, salt-baked kampung chicken is known as a dish for older generations – most younger folks have either never heard of it or prefer other vastly more popular chicken dishes. And with all the focus on healthy eating, there is also the common misconception that salt-baked kampung chicken is salty and unhealthy. The truth is, despite its name, the chicken does not come into direct contact with salt at all!

We believe that there is no reason for such a tasty dish, arguably healthier than many of our favorite foods, to go ignored.

Start with our delicious and ‘addictive’ salt-baked chicken, regardless of the age of whoever we speak. We believe that working together with both older and younger generations helps us achieve our goals – from baking the chicken, creating and managing the online store, fulfilling orders, and even contracting delivery personnel.

After years of hard work and planning and being disrupted by the pandemic, our Online Store finally debuted in March 2022.
Singapore’s First Halal Salt-baked Chicken is now available for you to enjoy!

We are proud and happy to share the delight and joy when we first tried our fresh salt-baked kampung chicken with you because.


Try out our chicken!

You will love it! Give us a chance! Do you have any questions? Contact us or read our frequently asked questions

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